Crane Wines Newsletter, December 2017
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December Newsletter Special Offer

What's On In The Vineyard - December

De-Mystifying Wine 
A new section on wine education - Organoleptic Properties 

Crane Wines For Sale
A unique opportunity for a country property and an Income

Our Brilliant Night Sky

Re-Release Of Our Creamy Liqueurs
Peanut Paso Doble and Pearl - Pride of Erin

Functions at Crane Wines

Our Christmas Wish


We will be at the following upcoming events:

All Events for 2017 are complete.
We will publish a new list for 2018 in the New Year.

Christmas Special Offer


25% OFF all Wine or Liqueurs (mixed is fine) and we will subsidise the freight to the tune of $15.

All orders for a case will go into a draw to win a Barrel of Port worth $300. 

Offer open till 31 December 2017
Reduced Freight charges apply
Just send your order by email and we will send you a Paypal invoice so you can pay securely on line. Quote in your email that you want to take advantage of the December 2017 Newsletter Special.


What's On In The Vineyard

At present the grapes are in the final stages of growing before the ripening process begins. The canopy is at its maximum and the bunches are fully formed, the berries need to enlarge a little and then in a few weeks the ripening will start, which means the reds will begin to change colour and the whites will soften and change from bright green to a golden/green hue. At this time the sugar content begins to rise and the typical flavour profile begins to develop.
Within a few weeks we will have to put nets over everything to keep the bird enemy away, especially the lorrikeets which can totally destroy our crop within a week if we are not prepared.


De-Mystifying Wine

We want to start a new section of our Newsletter to help you understand a little more about wine and winemaking. So in each letter we will pick a topic related to wine or winemaking and hopefully explain it to you. The topic we have selected this time is the word ORGANOLEPTIC.
You may frequently see this word in texts or professional papers about wine quality, but what does it really mean.
Well firstly it derives from two Greek words; organon (meaning "organ") + leptikos (meaning "accessible to"). So this translates to properties that stimulate, act on, or involve our sensory organs i.e. sight, taste, texture, smell.

Up till now wines have been judged, compared , and described by professionals by referring to their organoleptic properties e.g. colour, aroma, flavour, mouthfeel or texture. Wine shows and books revolve around these properties but where do they come from. Well basically they are the result of a "stew" of chemicals in the wine itself, up to 400 or 500 it is believed.
These chemicals are produced in the grape by Terroir (the combination of grape variety,  climate and soil) and winemaking processes. The winemaking processes that can change or influence these organoleptic properties are: the choice of yeast used to ferment the wine; the choice and timing of nutrients added to the ferment; the choice of oak used in maturation; and other nuances of the winemaking process. 

The judging or comparing of wines using organoleptic properties has the weakness in that it relies on the sensorial capacities and experience of the taster which means it is very subjective. There is much research being done to scientifically identify and profile some of the chemicals that give rise to the organoleptic properties in an individual wine and will eventually lead to chemical profiling of wines. This will mean comparisons and judging will be more objective sometime in the future because the wine will be analysed by an instrument called a Gas Chromatograph and compared to an establised fingerprint that has been found to characterise that wine variety. This is a long way into the future because so many chemicals have to be identified and then so many different wines tested to establish the fingertprint. Can you see some of the problems with this approach?
So organoleptic properties will still rule into the foreseeable future.


Crane Wines For Sale 

Judy and I have realised that we need to begin planning for our retirement since we are both in our sixties and one of us will be seventy in a couple of years. So sadly we have started the process of selling our beautiful property and successful business. We understand that this package will not be what everyone desires however we are confident the right person will come along. We are very keen for the oldest winery in the South Burnett to continue to operate and we are working just as hard (if not harder) to ensure the business is in good shape.

If any of you are may be interested in this opportunity or perhaps know someone who could be interested then please contact Bernie here at Crane Wines (ph: 07 4162 7647). We have prepared a comprehensive information package to explain what is available. Inspections are welcome from people with a genuine interest but as you can imagine an appointment must be made for such an appointment.




Our Brilliant Night Sky

Recently we had some night photos taken of our property with our brilliant night sky as a backdrop. For those of you who have stayed at our B&B you will appreciate the magnificent and broad canvas that is the South burnett night sky. In fact the owner of our local Kingaroy Observatory is going through the process of having the South Burnett recognised internationally as a "Dark Sky National Park". It will only be the second one in Australia and it will mean that Astronomy enthusiasts from around the world will visit our region to view the sky.
If you are interested in the night sky then come and stay at our B&B and contact us about our "Stargazer Package".
More Photos on our website.



 Re-Release of Our Creamy Liqueurs
We are happy to announce that we have just re-released our very popular two creamy liqueurs Peanut Paso Doble and Pearl - Pride of Erin. After some technical issues that occurred after a change in the formulation of a key component we had to withdraw it from the market. Well this technical issue has finally been rectified and we have made our first new batches.
The Peanut Paso Doble is a creamy roasted peanut and chocolate and the Pearl is a whisky and chocolate flavour. Both are luscious and cost only $24 per bottle.
Pearl now has a sexy new label.

Our other non-creamy flavours currently are: Jaffa Orange Jitterbug; Mocha Minuet; Strawberry Shimmy; Chocmint Cha Cha; Blueberry Bolero; and Peant Brittle Polka (inspired by scorched peanut bars). All the non-creamy flavours are only $20 per bottle.

Functions At Crane Wines

If you are planning a business or club function for Christmas then we still have some dates free for you. 
Even if it is not a Christmas function but a special Birthday, Anniversary, or other significant event in your family or business life then we can cater for a casual low key function for up to 40 people. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.




Our Christmas Wish For You

We wish you all a happy and fullfilling time with family and friends over the Christmas period.

We also thank you for your support in 2017 and over the past thirteen years

Ciao for Now

Bernie and Judy




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