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Booie Range Liqueurs

Booie Range Liqueurs:

“Liqueurs That Dance On Your Tongue”


Booie-Range-Label,-webThe “Booie Range Liqueurs” are a product range and Trademark of Crane Wines.

Originally a product made for the old Booie Range Distillery these wine based liqueurs have been sold in the region for between 12 and 14 years. The recipes transferred to us after the distillery closed operations. Prior to this Crane Wines had been making the liqueurs on behalf of the distillery for a modest fee.

Building on our core skill of making wine we have continued making these liqueurs but revamped the product range considerably. The NEW “Booie Range Liqueurs” came into being about 2009 with new flavours, new packaging and the new tagline “Liqueurs that dance on your tongue”. Judy and I wanted to produce an elegant label and product that would inspire all the senses. It just so happened that there were a few dance shows on TV at the time and this is what inspired the idea of naming our liqueurs after dances.

The liqueurs are hand crafted at Crane Wines, in between vintages, by our winemaker Bernie Cooper at our Booie Range winery. Booie Range is a region just outside of Kingaroy in the South Burnett region of Queensland.

Currently we have restricted ourselves to 9 flavours but we are always considering new flavours.

Our current flavours are: Peanut Paso Doble (a creamy roasted peanut and chocolate), Pearl – Pride of Erin (a creamy whisky and chocolate),Butterscotch Ballet, Peanut Brittle Polka, Strawberry Shimmy, Blueberry Bolero, Chocmint Cha Cha, Mocha Minuet, and Jaffa Orange Jitterbug.

All are available online by clicking here, and our retail outlet is Taste South Burnett in Alford Street Kingaroy opposite Woolworths Mall.

All Liqueurs are 375 ml and 18.5% alcohol.


Bulk and Custom Orders:

We can of course make your own custom flavours for your business or organisation. We could provide these as either bulk products (in any volume you stipulate) for you to bottle yourself or we can bottle it for you. Please contact us if you wish to discuss such options.