Rouge NV

This is a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chambourcin in roughly equal amounts to produce a light European style wine. It has light tannins and good acid. This wine is good as a BBQ wine or for those who prefer a lighter style to a full bodied red.

Volume: 750mL

Alcohol: 12.8%


Booie Range Liqueurs: Jaffa Orange Jitterbug

Tangy orange and rich dark chocolate are mated in this liqueur that will take you back to your childhood.

Try our liqueurs as a short drink at room temperature or add crushed ice, or as a long drink you can mix with soda, mineral water, lemonade, or in this instance mixing with milk and/or cream to make a creamy drink or cocktail.

Volume: 375 mL     Alcohol: 18.5%

Booie Range Liqueurs: Strawberry Shimmy

The flavour of luscious strawberries combined with a hint of Bristol Cream make this a creamy fruity experience.

Try our liqueurs as a short drink at room temperature or add crushed ice, can also be served as a long drink by mixing with soda, mineral water, lemonade, or even sparkling white wine.

Volume: 375 mL     Alcohol: 18.5%


Booie Range Liqueurs: Peanut Brittle Polka

The inspiration for this Liqueur came from the old Scorched Peanut Bars from Masterfoods. The pairing of peanut toffee and rich chocolate is a great combination. This liqueur tries to emulate those lovely flavours. Drink neat, over ice, or add to milk and cream for a rich creamy drink, spice up your coffee with a nip.


Oak Aged Tawny 750mL

Due to demand for a more elegant packaging so that our customers can gift our popular tawny we have selected an elegant amber bottle and created a new label for this product. It is still the same rich fruity, smooth, tawny that we sell in bulk quantities but this is more suitable as a gift or an introduction.


2013 Vintage Liqueur Cabernet

This Vintage Port style wine was made from our 2013 Reserve Cabernet. The original wine exhibited rich dark fruit flavours and these are emphasized in this Vintage Liqueur. Fortified to 18.5%, and treated briefly with oak before bottling it retains it’s red colour and the rich fruit flavours in the original wine. Great to partner with the Reserve Cabernet as an after dinner tipple for that special dinner party.

2011 Semillon

This wine is for those who appreciate the more mature flavours of an aged white. The colour is dark, and the characters of lemon and grass typical of Semillon are present. Because of the stronger flavours you can pair this wine with more complex dishes such as fish with strong sauces, risotto, pasta.

SOLD OUT; 2016 Viognier


This product is SOLD OUT


A delightful French grape that exhibits strong aromas of peach supported by peach flavour on the palate. Quite fruity without being sweet. Will partner with similar foods to our signature Verdelho i.e. seafood/chicken and salads.


2015 Cab/ Sauvignon






Booie Range Liqueurs: Pearl Pride of Erin


An elegant creamy liqueur bringing together chocolate and whiskey flavours. An indulgent sophisticated liqueur.

Drink straight or pour over ice.

375 mL, 18.5% Alcohol